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Bharat Cancer Hospital

Your Cooperation Is Expected For Below Mentioned...

Bharat Cancer Hospital delivers high quality affordable medical care to patients across all sections of society. With this infrastructure, the hospital is able to provide Oncology relief to over 2 lakhs patients every year

the hospital needs to procure additional life saving equipment for its various departments to offer enhanced services. We seek your generosity to help us equip the hospital better.

  • How To Donate
    • We have been able to serve the community at large only because of the munificent contributions by our donors.
      How To Donate: A cheque / DD in favour of "Manavdaya Trust Sankul"

Thousands of people are being served in the 12 Cancer Treatment of Bharat Cancer Hospital every day. Forty per cent of them are taking advantage of the service for free. For the expense of such people, the government provides funds from various schemes. But that's not enough against the cost incurred. So with the help of philanthropic donors like you, the low-income people get free quality treatment in a world class hospital.

All the people associated with this organization are donors of the hospital. They also offer full time service to run the hospital. And monitor the money given by donors like you is utilized at the right place, and are very careful to spend it sparingly.

- Thank You

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