The Hospital

BHARAT CANCER HOSPITAL & Research Institute – “early diagnosis of cancer, treatment is possible”

Bharat Cancer Hospital is the 100 bedded hospital is fully equipped with three operation theaters, ultra modern Siemens Radiation Unit equipped with latest machine for IGRT, CT Scan, Laboratory, Chemotherapy, X-Ray and Mammography facility. We provide Radiation, Surgical and Medical facility under one roof.

The spacious hospital complex is very well ventilated with modern infrastructure. We have separate wards for ICU, Chemotherapy, Special, Semi Special rooms, Pediatric and General Ward. The semi special and special rooms are provided with all luxurious amenities over and above the super specialty medical care. Our trained and experienced staff takes care of emotional and physical needs of patients with humanity, humility and compassion.

It also has OPD Complex which includes Consulting Chambers. Nice seating arrangement, Physiotherapy department, Nutrition Specialist department etc. & the Indoor Facility for admission of Onco Surgical, Onco Medical & Onco Radiation Therapy under one roof. The hospital complex is spacious very well ventilated & maintaining the cleanliness & hygiene

Hospital facilities

Operation Theatre

  • Class100- German & British Standard.
  • German Modular Technology.
  • Groove less, Jointless, SS Cladded walls and ceiling.
  • Joint less, anti static, conductive flooring-French Technology
  • Tight climate controlled-Humidity, Temperature and Environment pressure.

Intensive Care Unit

  • Cubicle ICU.
  • Isolation Cube for infectious patients
  • 24×7 Vital signs monitoring along with remote video monitoring
  • Modular Pendent for dry and wet supplies / amenities
  • Central Suction with isolation filters State of the art equipment like multipara patient monitors, ventilators, drug delivery services

Full fledged Pathology Department, Radiology Department with Digital X-Ray, 2D Echo with Ultra Sonography, Mammography, Surgico Rq Retrofitting II TV

Pathology and Radiology

  • OPD complex
  • Pathology Department
  • Radiology Department
  • Several In-door facilities
    • Daye Care Chemotherapy Center
    • General/Semi/Semi Special/ Executive ward
    • Emergency Services

| OPD Open From 10 AM to 4 PM | Pharmacy –24 Hours Service |