President (પ્રમુખ)

There is no better way to pray God then by serving humanity. Particularly, if we can share our wealth, knowledge and time in prevention of human suffering, is the best way to create peace, harmony and brotherhood among people. You are aware with the traumatic effect of Cancer on patient and relatives. Cancer has devastating effect not only economically but also psychologically. We observed that South Gujarat considered to be prosperous but lacks facility for the treatment of Cancer under one roof with affordable cost.

mahendra bhai katargamwala

Shri Mahendrabhai N. Katargamwala
(શ્રી મહેન્દ્રભાઈ એન. કતારગામવાલા)

Keeping this thought in mind some of leading citizens of Surat conceived an idea of building cancer hospital in Surat. Fortunately we have received very positive response from our donors like Bharatbhai Patel (USA), A.M.Naik, Dr.Bipinbhai, Govindbhai, Seventibhai, K.P Sanghvi and many more donors. They encouraged us by offering generous donation, however Cancer hospital is a huge project that requires continuous flow of fund to build and run the institute in a way that it fulfill need of lakhs of cancer patients. Hence, we need help from many more citizens who can come forward to strengthen our efforts to complete this project at the earliest.

We are happy that many natives of South Gujarat who migrated and settled in other parts of world have made tremendous progress in last few decades. They are looking forward to repay their gratitude to their motherland. We can proudly say that this is the most suitable project for them. This hospital will help to relieve many suffering families who are victim of dreaded disease called cancer and can not afford to get treatment. I appeal to all those fortunate NRIs to extend their helping hand and send valuable contribution.

We the board of trustees assures you that all your contribution will be utilized on three basic principles of efficiency, integrity and humanity.